Here, in this book you will find the  Russian tales together with the famous boxes painted by the leading artists.


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       The Story of Tsar Saltan, Prince Gvidon and Swan Princess.

After the happy marriage of Tsar Saltan he went off to war but envious retainers plotted to destroy his marriage. They forged a letter to the Tsar in which it was written that the queen and their son were to be put in a barrel and be thrown into the sea.
Poor queen and the son, they floated for several years in the barrel until at last the sea cast them ashore.
What a beautiful island they found themself on! There lived a magic squirrel who ate magic nuts a golden nutshell and an emerald kernel. There were also 33 bogatyrs who came out of the sea to protect the island. Above all, there was a Swan Princess who was so beautiful that even the sun was not so bright as she!
Everyone who visited was surprised to see that magic island and all were impressed by the hospitality of young Prince Gvidon and his mother.
Many times Tsar Saltan wanted to sail to that famous island, not knowing his queen and son were there, but his retainers always managed to postpone his journey. Saltan was determined to go, however, and eventually set sail to see everything of the island's wonders for himself.
Tsar Saltan shil landed at the island and,.. - oh, a miracle!
There he found his beloved wife and their son, Prince Gvidon!
Their happiness was now completye for Tsar Saltan was with his wife - and Prince Gvidon..? He married the Swan Princess.