Four main schools of lacquer painting grew up, and these are named after the villages where they arose: Kholui, Palekh, Mstiora and Fedoskino. Kholui boxes are dynamic and colorful, Palekh boxes close to the old icon tradition, while those of Mstiora are more muted and 'creamy' in tine. These three styles use tempera paints: that is, paint mixed egg yolk. Fedoskino is closer to the classical oil-painting style, and uses mother-of-pearl, gold and silver leaf to give an inner glow to the picture. All schools produce brooches as well as boxes, which are highly wearable and make delightful gifts.

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We have the following tours:

1. Russian Folk Art Tour 2. Lacquer Miniature Art Tour 3. Cruises from Moscow to St. Peterburg
4. Waterways of Russia    5. Moscow Tour                      6. Cities of Golden Ring
7. Russian Ar Tour           8. Treasures of Russian Culture 9 Textile Tour
10.Siberia- Small Sayany Circle. 11. Siberia-Big Sayany Circle. 12.Russian Rites

Welcome to Kholui!


1day. Arrival to Moscow.
2day.Departure to Kholui with stop in Vladimir where we'll see the murals of
Andrey Roublev.
3day. The whole day in Kholui. Visit to the Art Museum. The visit to the
workshop to see how the artists make and paint the boxes. The visit to the
art school.
4day. Picnic with the artists of Kholui on the bank of one of the
picturesque lakes
5day. Visit to one of the leading rewarded artists of Kholui, walk around
Kholui visiting all interesting historical places with the specialist of
history of this place.
6day. Departure to Moscow with the stop in Suzdal.
7day.The visit to the museum of Applied Art and in the evening the theatre.
8day. Departure.

 Welcome to Mstiora!


Welcome to Palekh!