Mooving toys made of wood

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Our company aims to bring high quality services to clients.In addition its contribution to the promotion of travel tourism in Russia has been officially recognized
and rewarded by the award of a FIRST PRIZE in the nomination "The Best Tour in Russia" by the Moscow Association of Travel Agencies.

Forget the stresses of every day life and explore a timeless landscape, more beautiful then you ever imagined.

We offer a wide variety of programs ranging from general sightseeing and art tours to adventure holidays including rafting, hunting,etc...





Welcome to Kholui!



About Us

Our company offers a wide range of Russian arts and crafts for sale, both wholesale to distributors and retailers, and as exclusive works of art sold on-line to individual collectors. We have many years of experience in export, and this, combined with our long-term business links in the West, is the best guarantee of reliability, high quality of goods, and efficient shipment to all our wholesale and retail customers. 

Since September 2010 ARSA-F has been a member of the World Federation of Miniaturists.

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Welcome to the 6th World Federation of Miniaturists. Exhibition which will be hosted by the Miniature Art Society of South Africa in Johannesburg during February,2016.


Our books


... Who are these tsars, witches... What are the stories these strange characters have to tell? They are the stories of Russian folklore, handed down for centuries in the long winters of a fabled land...